How does Portalink work?

Portalink™C-Suite is next generation automation technology that meets all the requirements of modern supply chain challenges.

Portalink Captures incoming ‘paper’ transactions, Converts them into an electronic form, Checks all of the data for errors, Creates an EDI-compliant file for the (ERP) system and Communicates between the buyer and seller.

Clever Interface

Portalink™C-Suite is easy to implement, intuitive and simple to use. Instant benefits are achievable.


The Portalink Effect


  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Accelerated order-to-shipment cycles.
  • Increased accuracy.


  • Improved responsiveness and reliability.
  • Reduced order-discrepancy disputes.
  • More time to focus on direct Customer Service and Sales activity.


  • Reduced paper and print consumption.
  • Reduced file-storage requirement.
  • Improved dispatch efficiency.

Find out what Portalink can do for you

Portalink USA, Inc
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Charlotte, NC 28247
P: 704-200-2768

APAC Region
Portalink (Australasia) Pty Ltd
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Adelaide SA 5000
P: 61 8 8120 0930