The Portalink™C-Suite methodology has conquered the ‘Seven Cs’, which are critical for successful order automation.


portalink-arrowCAPTURES paper orders and invoices
Unique, non-invasive Portalink™C-Suite technology automatically captures orders and/or invoices from trading partners without any changes to the software systems at either end.


portalink-arrowCONVERTS to electronic data
Portalink™C-Suite has developed a bespoke methodology that automatically converts the text in a “paper” order or invoice into electronic data with 100% accuracy.


portalink-arrowCHECKS for accuracy
The data in a trading partner’s software system is often incomplete or out-of-sync. Portalink™C-Suite automatically checks codes, prices, units of measure, freight rates etc, to identify any discrepancies or variations.


portalink-arrowCLEANSES fit for export
Portalink™C-Suite helps the operator (CSR) to apply quick fixes to any discrepancies with artificial intelligence that learns over time. This enables orders to be exported in an EDI-compatible state, in the fastest possible time and free of costly errors.


portalink-arrowCREATES compatible EDI file
Portalink™C-Suite sends EDI compliant files via an established EDI gateway, increasing the ROI on existing EDI hardware and software; or it can send compatible electronic files directly to the recipient database.


portalink-arrowCOMMUNICATES with sender
Portalink™C-Suite automatically captures email communications and portals can be extended to trading partners and sales reps to promote a dynamic and transparent communication hub.


portalink-arrowCHARTS real-time analytics
A multitude of dynamic KPIs can be easily tracked in real-time with customizable Dashboards visible to all identified stakeholders.