• Kincrome is a warehouse and distribution business that has been supplying to Automative, Industrial and Hardware markets for 30 years.
  • Kincrome has four warehouse/distribution centres, which are strategically located throughout Australia, to deliver responsive and accurate order dispatches to all target markets.
  • Fast and accurate order-to-shipment cycles are an imperative component of Kincrome’s customer value proposition.
  • Kincrome invests in technology solutions that can enhance its order accuracy and improve the speed of its turnaround time.
  • Finding a solution to meet Kincrome’s needs that was robust, accurate, quick and cost-effective proved challenging.


  • Portalink™C-Suite provides Kincrome with an automated and integrated solution which captures purchase orders emailed by customers and converts them into electronic data before exporting them to Kincrome’s ERP system, thereby creating a virtual EDI environment for their non-EDI customer base.
  • Portalink™C-Suite reconciles the data between Kincrome’s ERP and its customers, enabling purchase orders to be checked automatically and then cleansed when discrepancies are identified.
  • Portalink™C-Suite notifies the customer of any corrections it makes, to ensure transparency and remove the potential for misunderstanding and disputes.
  • Portalink™C-Suite ensures that the highest levels of data security are maintained.


  • Since deploying Portalink™C-Suite, Kincrome has increased the number of total purchase orders processed electronically by 65%.
  • By improving the level of automation, order accuracy has increased, along with the speed of the order-to-shipment cycle.
  • Higher order accuracy has been an important factor in reducing customer complaints and unproductive time spent on problem resolution.
  • With less time required to process manual orders and resolve customer complaints, Kincrome’s Customer Service team is now able to devote more time to direct customer service and selling activities.


Kincrome is a privately owned business which has been warehousing and supplying products to trade and retail customers across the Automotive, Industrial and Hardware markets in Australia, since 1987.

Kincrome is committed to providing its customers with a total service offering. To achieve this, Kincrome has four warehouse/distribution centres, which are strategically located throughout Australia, and therefore, can deliver a responsive and accurate order dispatch process to all target markets. This is supported by a dedicated customer service team, which manages customer enquiries and processes purchase orders, as well as a team of field sales representatives, who ensure

that core product lines are always in stock and properly presented, helping Kincrome to establish a valuable level of engagement with its customers.

Kincrome is always ready to explore new technology solutions, where such solutions can help improve accessibility, streamline processes and share information more transparently. Unfortunately, Kincrome found that all of the order automation systems it investigated promised much, but in terms of being robust, accurate, quick and cost-effective, were underwhelming, unable to meet the critical needs and not worth pursuing, until Portalink™.


In 2015, Kincrome was introduced to Portalink™C-Suite, the first order-automation system which demonstrated that it could help Kincrome streamline its order process with an ability to: automatically capture purchase orders emailed by its customers, accurately convert them into electronic data, check and cleanse the customer data, electronically map and import the information into Kincrome’s proprietary ERP system.

For the 2016 financial year, Kincrome set an objective to increase the number of purchase orders processed electronically. To support this focus, the key technology solution that Kincrome deployed was Portalink™C-Suite to achieve this goal. The results achieved by Kincrome have been significant, with the number of orders processed electronically increasing by 65% at year end.

commasBased on previous experience, I was skeptical that Portalink™C-Suite would deliver the benefits it promised and prove to be worthwhile. However, within a year of its deployment, we significantly increased the number of orders that are now processed electronically and are well on track to hitting our objective.ending-quote


During and post-implementation of the solution, Kincrome has found that the support provided by the Portalink™ technical team has been excellent – both in terms of responsiveness and quality of advice. This has created a trusting working relationship where Kincrome is confident that Portalink™ understands the business goals that it is trying to achieve.

As a result of Portalink™C-Suite order accuracy has improved, ensuring a much faster turnaround time, simultaneously reducing the cost of errors.

The electronic order process delivered by Portalink™ C-Suite has reduced the level of human capital required by Kincrome to process orders.

Kincrome’s Customer Service team now spends far less time on manual processing activities and this extra capacity has been redeployed into improving customer service responsiveness and direct sales activities.

Increasing the accuracy and reliability of Kincrome’s purchase order process has translated into less customer CONNECTION complaints and problem resolution issues.