Data Ownership – It is your data. Our agreement says so in writing. Portalink has a standard feature to allow you to extract all of your data whenever you want it. Our Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure also specifically makes this clear in documentation.

From a security standpoint, there are three important aspects to consider, availability, confidentiality and integrity.

For availability, AWS cloud is unbeatable. Run of the mill hosting can typically go five nines, meaning they have 99.999% availability. With 525,600 minutes in a year, that’s still almost a day of downtime in a year. Amazon has gotten up to eleven nines, or 99.999999999% uptime. Also, your tech team can see Amazon’s uptime dashboard anytime you want to. This is one of the benefits of cloud computing at the scale Amazon offers.

For confidentiality, the biggest risk is not updating software. Cloud computing takes away the need for Raven to have to upgrade these servers all the time. That becomes Portalink’s and Amazon’s responsibility. Upgrades are done regularly and without any upgrade costs for enhancements or security. Of course we also use industry-standard web encryption.

For integrity, we’ve got that sorted. Portalink’s technology is designed from the ground up to deliver 100 percent accuracy for order extracts. We store all your information in a way that you can call it up at any time in the interface, and download it at your convenience. That includes the originals as well as the extracted data.

An availability risk outside of our control is if your connection to the Internet goes down. But consider that you will still be able to use Portalink on smartphones connected to a 3G/4G data service. That’s also true if the power goes out in your facility. In these cases, if your ERP is down, simply process in Portalink, and export them when your system is back up and running.

Amazon is IRAP Certified which is what Australian Signals Directorate looks for.

Here’s some of what they say about their security.

“The AWS cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available, designed to provide optimum availability while providing complete customer segregation.”

“Customers can validate the security controls in place within the AWS environment through AWS certifications and reports, including the AWS Service Organization Control (SOC) 1, 22 and 33 reports, ISO 270014, 270175 and 270186 certifications and PCI DSS7 compliance reports. These reports and certifications are produced by independent third party auditors and attest to the design and operating effectiveness of AWS security controls. Our 27018 certification demonstrates that AWS has a system of controls in place that specifically address the privacy protection of customer content. AWS compliance certifications and reports can be requested at More information on AWS compliance certifications, reports, and alignment with best practices and standards can be found at AWS’ compliance site.”